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Success From Failure

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Talk about proof of concept. While there's always stress when a server crashes, this week we clearly saw proof of concept both with regards to our BDR Solution as well as our Managed Service approach to IT management and support. The hard part is seeing the positives during the stress of dealing with a crashed server. Now that the dust has settled a little, we can see success from failure.

A little background - this week, the Exchange Server at one of our clients crashed (they're about a 30 user company with 2 locations). It was a complete hardware failure (the motherboard failed and needed to be replaced). The timing of this couldn't have been more interesting - we were in the midst of the project to replace their server. If we had started the project a week earlier, we wouldn't even be talking about this. So, here's how it played out...

The first success - the server crash occurred after working hours one night and our monitoring system alerted us to the fact that the server was down. Our on-call staff sprung into action immediately responding by reviewing the situation and then calling the client via his emergency contact number and letting him know that there was a problem and we were on it. We performed some initial triage that night and then first thing the next morning we were out there dealing with things.

The second success - luckily (no, not luckily, but actually due to proper planning), we had implemented our BDR Solution for them about 6 months ago so not only were we able to restore the Exchange Server, we had a complete image of it and had it back up and running ON the BDR server within 4 hours that next day. Now keep in mind, this was a 200GB Information Store! For those of you who don't know, this is HUGE! A majority of our clients run Info Stores less than 35GB. Our's is about 70. Historically, this would have taken us easily two days to get it back up and running if we had to do a manual rebuild of the server and restore of the Info Store. Before the BDR, I can't remember EVER getting a crashed Exchange Server back up and running in production the same day! While the server was significantly slower than we anticipated (mostly due to the size of the info store), it was running and the client was functional. At the same time we were dealing with this, our procurement staff were dealing with expediting the replacements parts for the downed server. Two days later we had the parts, the Dell technician had replaced everything, the server was back up and then we transferred the active image back onto the server (with minimal downtime).

The third success - since this client is one of our Managed Service clients at our "ProtectIT" service level, all of our time involved in this response was covered! This means it didn't cost them anything more than their standard ongoing monthly fee. From a customer happiness standpoint, this is a huge win.

While it's understandable that the client wasn't happy having to go through a situation like this, and there are always things we can improve on our side, they do have piece of mind. This piece of mind comes from knowing that the decisions they made months ago to implement the BDR and go with our Managed Service approach prevented this situation from being significantly more painful, more costly, and certainly more impactful to their business. Seems to me this was a great example of success from failure. Proof of concept indeed!

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Some don't get past it until they get burned by it themselves, while others may never get past it. I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for" and this turns out to be no truer than when spending on technology.
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In fact of the SMBs that view IT as critical, 60 percent saw revenues grow over the past 12 months. In contrast, among SMBs that stated IT is not important, less than 29 percent saw revenue increase.
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What I mean by this is - similar to our clients and similar to our competitors, one of our key objectives is growth. But as I look around at others in our industry and some of the "so called" experts,
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For example, as I discussed in my previous blog, everything requires ongoing maintenance and administration - so there are always related costs to anything you implement. This (ongoing maintenance and administration) is one of the most significant components of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Again, being penny-wise and pound-foolish means doing something like buying a firewall from Fry's that's meant for your home computer rather than your business.
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Ok. So I know we're pretty much past the point where people are fighting the need to use computers (although, can you say "dial up"?). But there are still many businesses who look at technology as a necessary evil - "I guess we have to use computers. But, darned if I'm going to upgrade my fine Windows 98 machines!"
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It's one thing to aim to be "better" than our competitors, but it's another to be seen as "Best in Class". This not only goes to the services we provide, how we deliver those services, the value we provide, but ultimately to the performance of our company as a business. Being in business for 17+ years, we've seen a lot of trends come and go.
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Before you ask yourself - Do I have an "IT guy" or a "Trusted Advisor"? - first you have to ask yourself, "do I care?" If you don't, then there's no doubt that you have an "IT guy". Regardless of what he's capable of, if that's all that you're ever going to see him delivering, then that's all he's ever going to be. If you do care, then even before you ask yourself what you have, you have to consider what you want.
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Before you ask yourself - Do I have an "IT guy" or a "Trusted Advisor"? - first you have to ask yourself, "do I care?" If you don't, then there's no doubt that you have an "IT guy". Regardless of what he's capable of, i
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If you do care, then even before you ask yourself what you have, you have to consider what you want.
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Way too often we've seen clients pushing the envelope on how long they keep technology in production (see my blog post on the Really, Really story). These are usually NOT the Best in Class performers in their industries.
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I'm big on analogies and I think all too often too many people think that technology is like operating a car. If you're driving along and it stops working, you simply pull over to the side of the road like you ran out of gas. No big deal. But really, technology is actually more like flying an airplane.
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The savings really isn't passed on to the client.
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If you do care, then even before you ask yourself what you have, you have to consider what you want.
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As with anything, when I play a sport I'm assuming some amount of risk.
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This mistake is one of the hardest for some clients to get past. Some don't get past it until they get burned by it themselves, while others may never get past it. I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for" and this turns out to be no truer than when spending on technology.
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The same goes for risk evaluation in the "real" world. I don't know how many clients we talk to on a daily basis who decide things based only on the risk involved and NOT truly taking into consideration the impacts of that risk.
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I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for" and this turns out to be no truer than when spending on technology.
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However, I can't believe this is just me. I wonder how many others of us are there out there? According to the AOL Mail's annual survey, which is loaded with statistics showing that the use of e-mail has, in many cases, crossed over the line into dependence.
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As with anything, when I play a sport I'm assuming some amount of risk.
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A little background - this week, the Exchange Server at one of our clients crashed (they're about a 30 user company with 2 locations). It was a complete hardware failure (the motherboard failed and needed to be replaced).
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This is the sort of situation that our move to Managed Services is preventing for our other clients.
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Almost every time a client tries to take a shortcut, it comes back to bite them. Rather than pay to extend a server warranty (which may turn out to be like $150 / year), a client ends up scrambling to replace the hardware when it fails paying more for the
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And conceptually, any BC plan is sort like insurance - you pay for something that you hope you'll never have to use.
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